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Shake It (Gyakuten Saiban, Phoenix/Maya, #7)

Title: Shake It
Author: xxmyfearsmylies
Pairing: Phoenix/Maya
Fandom: Gyakuten Saiban
Theme: #7 Superstar
Disclaimer: I don't own, that's Capcom. Kay? Kay.

"Oh, there's just something about you..."

"And something about

"Mnmph... Phoenix..."

"My love."

"You are my handsome knight in shining armor."

"And you are my beautiful, fairy tale princess."

The two lovers shared a kiss. A passionate, fiery kiss.

A passionate, fiery, kiss that woke Phoenix Wright from his slumber.

Grumbling, he held his head and stumbled out of bed, leaving the covers half falling off of his sleep space. He didn't bother making the bed. He was too tired and disgruntled.

Phoenix checked his alarm clock. Noon. Larry would come to pick him up for the concert in seven hours. With that "joyous" thought, he washed up in the bathroom, shaved, got dressed, and went to the kitchen to fix himself some breakfast: frozen waffles and a diet coke.


As he poured syrup over his slightly burnt waffles after putting them in the toaster and almost forgetting about them, he began to contemplate what the night had in store for him.

Larry won two tickets to a pop concert in a raffle (though the only reason Phoenix expected he won was that he flirted with the ticket sales lady to get a considerable amount of free tickets, or so Larry claimed) that benefited a large chain of children's hospitals. The tickets were to see the "latest and greatest" in pop girl bands: Sugar Sugar Ice Princess. Each band member was apparently called a "Princess", as Phoenix had learned from Larry, and since Larry had recently been broken up with by his newest girlfriend (Nakatasha, the Russian supermodel), he told Phoenix it was the perfect way for him to get over it- by ogling cute girls. Phoenix didn't really want to go, but wasting one ticket and further disappointing Larry further wouldn't be too nice at all.

The day seemed to drag by until it was about Eight PM. Phoenix, completely content with draping himself over the couch and vegging out by watching a marathon of CSI: Miami, was soon jolted by the sound of his doorbell ringing through his apartment- repeatedly.

Larry, of course.

He turned off the TV and ran to the door in one fluid movement in an attempt to get Larry to stop ringing the doorbell so annoyingly. When he opened the door, Larry was leaning on the frame, still poking the doorbell button.

"You can stop," Phoenix grumbled, pulling on his shoes that were lying by the door.

"You can hurry up," Larry retorted, smiling smugly. "These girls are the real deal, man! And these tickets, too!" Phoenix adjusted the tongue of his shoes and walked out into the hall with Larry. "Front row, right near the entrance to the alleyway that the Princesses go out to get in their limo after the show!"

"So? They probably have a million body guards surrounding them..." Phoenix said practically as he and Larry advanced down the stairs to the apartment's front door.

Larry shook his head, to Phoenix's surprise. "Dude, there's only like, two of them, and there's a billion fans who get out there to watch the Princesses make their grand exit."

"Why would you want to-"

Larry shook his head. "Ahhh, you have much to learn. That is the time in which most fans get autographs, hand shakes, and hellos."

"Of course," Phoenix said with a smirk as they jumped into Larry's beat up Ford.

"Oh, hey, I think I have a poster of them in here," Larry commented when he was in the driver's seat, the keys still in his hands. He dug through a pile of stuff in the space between the driver's seat and passenger seat until he revealed a small poster of five girls, all in futuristic, brightly colored, lolita style costumes. He handed the poster to a confused looking Phoenix. "Here, stare at them while I drive," Larry said with a wink, inserting the car key into the ignition and put the car in drive.

Phoenix quirked an eyebrow at first, but then he reluctantly looked at the bright, bubbily, dolled up girls.

Lexi Daidi... Talia Laz... Selia Montes... Kalelle Tyla... Maya Fey.

Wait, Phoenix thought, pausing for a moment as his eyes slid over the name of the last pictured girl. She was a shorter girl with a familiar face, with long, ebony hair that was half put up into bouncy pig tails. Her dress was the flashiest of all the girls', with a very uppity and layered skirt, ruffled into light blue, yellow, and white fabric. The top was a cut away with the matching sleeves continuing on the lower part either arm, and forming into fingerless gloves. Her boots were light blue with white stripes lining the sides. She was the cutest of them all, Phoenix noted almost shamefully.

The name and the face struck him the most though. If he was thinking on the right track, and he was right, then this concert was going to be more exciting than he had previously thought.

"This girl... Maya Fey..." Phoenix began, pointing to Maya's figure on the poster.

Larry cut him off. "Oh, yeah, real cutie. You should see her dance, if you know what I mean!"

"I meant-"

"Yeah, her costume is pret-ty revealing in the panty area!"

Phoenix put this topic aside and brought up one that Larry could understand. "So... can you really get a handshake from the girls... er, Princesses?"

"Oh, totally!" Larry exclaimed as they turned a sharp corner. "Some lucky bastards even to hear a few words from them!"

"Like... chatting with them?" Phoenix asked as he clutched the side of his seat as Larry hurtled down the road.

"Nooot exactly," Larry breathed, a little sheepish. "They kinda say, 'hi.. how are you... nice to meet you... bye now'."

Maybe that was all he needed.


The concert flourished out with a bang, fireworks spouting out behind the Princesses as they went off stage via capsules they danced into during their last number. The capsules disappeared below the stage with the girls in them, and the fireworks continued going off as desperate super-fans ran towards the corner of the arena and through the tight cement hall leading into the back alley. Sure enough, Larry and Phoenix stood there with them, nearly heading the crowd.

"Hot concert, am I right?" Larry yelled to Phoenix as they waited for the Princesses to make their regal entrance. The body guards were already lining up to keep the crowd back.

"Yeah," Phoenix managed, although he had been concentrating on Maya the entire time. This lead him to believe that his initial hypothesis was correct. He had to admit to himself, however, that he found his foot tapping a few times.

"They're sure being fashionably late," Larry huffed, crossing his arms as someone pushed into Phoenix's back, trying to make it to the front of the crowd. He whipped around instinctively, but the girl who had pushed him put on a nervous expression and slinked away. "I WANT MY GIRLS OUT HERE!" Larry screamed along with the crowd, looking angered. Phoenix liked this pause in action; it gave him time to think about what he would say to Maya to grab her attention more than a rabid, obsessed fangirl (or fanboy).

Finally, roughly ten minutes after the concert had ended, the Sugar Sugar Ice Princesses emerged from the back door of the arena and the throng erupted into a deafening explosion of cheering and whooping, the glamorous Princesses waving and blowing kisses at their fans. Phoenix and Larry stood about twenty feet down the line, Larry screaming with the crowd, and Phoenix's thoughts racing at the speed of light.

Keep it cool, Phoenix thought, taking a deep breath. It's just a little question.

Maya approached them and Phoenix went crazy.


"Woah, Nick, you're good at that!" Larry complimented, giving Phoenix a big thumbs up.

To Phoenix's shock and delight, Maya turned her head and stared him in the eyes.

For a moment, he was stunned.

She had this incredible likeness to her sister- in this whole, soft, easy on the eyes package. It was all a blast through Phoenix's system, sending a chill up his spine.

But he had to act quickly or the moment would pass without another chance.

"MAYA!" he called out again. "I- I KNEW YOUR SISTER! I WAS HER APPRENTICE!" He decided to add a comment, sort of like buttering her up. "SHE WAS A GREAT LAWYER!"

This time, Phoenix was positive she heard him. She closed in on him, smiling frivolously. "Oh my God! Phoenix Wright?"

"Yeah!" he said breathlessly as she approached. His angle had worked.

"God, Mia talks about you all the time! We've gotta talk. Um, give me your cell number, I'll give you a jingle, 'kay?"

Phoenix whipped out a pen from his pocket and wrote his number... on her hand. He felt a little weird doing it, and the fans around them were screaming bloody murder, but all was well now.

"Great!" Maya said giddily. "I'll call! Nice meeting you!"

Phoenix grinned like a school boy and turned to Larry, who had death in his eyes.

It didn't matter.

He was going to talk to his dead boss' superstar of a sister.

And suddenly, the whole concept seemed very, very weird.


Ah, CSI Miami. Though I have to agree, this concept is a little strange. But it's amusing to imagine Maya ditching her popstar life to be an attorney's assistant. She'd just blow it off with a "It's more fun in court, Nick" as the courtroom chattered. (What if the judge was a fan too, huh?) ;) Hope to see more work from you
Wow, I really like reading this. Weird but I could actually see it happening! Maya would probably do well in a girl group- she'd be the bubbly one ;)
...i had no idea that this was an AU until after I started to read it. i feel awfully stupid.
but other than that, this is such an interesting concept! D: esp. since Maya's in a girl group. i had to lol at that. XD

more plx~

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