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Sharpay & Ryan

xxmyfearsmylies in allthatrubbish


So, we all know the infamous Phoenix Wright Kink Meme. Epic-ness ensued. But what about our crack-related cravings? Our less prominent pairings? What about such nutty needs disguised as annoying alliterations?

Well, that's just what I was thinking.


The Phoenix Wright Crack Meme!!!1!!1!1111onEONEOne!!!

Which Means:

You must anonymously post one CRACK[*] pairing and one prompt [anything from "candles" to "ripped bags of coffee beans spilling out over Ron DeLite's head".]

To fill a request out, reply to the comment of the selected prompt also anonymously with your interpretation of the preposterous pairing and prompt!

All rating, length, and genres are acceptable!

For Reelz Rules

◊ [*]Crack pairings only. This means no canon or mainstream pairings. So, as much as we love a good old Miles/Phoenix, Franziska/Adrian, or heck, even a Ron/Dessie, this is to let our crack-ish creative juices flow.

◊ Make sure you're posting anonymously!

◊ If someone's already filled out a request that really inspires you, feel free to fill it out also!

◊ Keep the drama out of here. All we want here are pairings, prompts, filled out requests, and the occasional "OMFG SQUEE YOU ROCK <33333 HART HART LULZ". We want none of that "U SAWK. THAT PAIRING IS DERANGED. GO DIAF". It's your fault for clicking.

◊ If you request, try filling one out for lulz! It's like if you take a little, give a little back. The spirit of the holiday season! 8D

EDIT: Thanks to aprilechidna5, we now have a crack meme archive! :D Over here!



Gant/Franziska he calls her "Junior" and discusses activities that he has taken part in which involved her Papa and little brother.


"So, Junior."

"My name is Franziska, you fool."

Gant grinned wickedly and clapped his hands together once. "Franny is too formal for me, you see. I want us to be close... Junior."

Franziska's eyebrows arched and she grit her teeth. She was really in no position to argue. Her knees were perched on Damon's lap, and he was petting her chin with one hand while his other arm was bent and hanging over the side of the couch. He reminded her of a smug strip club owner.

"As I was saying... so, Junior. I remember when Edgey was just as frightened as you..."

"Frightened?" Franziska breathed, trying to remain calm and collected.

There was a long pause. Gant stared off into space and Franziska resisted the urge to slap him across the face to wake him up.

At last, he spoke. "Yes! Yes, petrified, and all of that." His voice was so loud it made Franziska twitch involuntarily. "But he sure got used to it." When he said used, he started stroking her chin a little faster. Franziska gulped.

"Your Papa did, too, you see. Manny was a brave man," Gant recalled. Franziska noted how she was starting to shake. "Don't you want to be brave like your Papa?"

Franziska said nothing. She was clearly shaking now, trying to look over Gant's head instead of into his stony stare.

Gant's satisfied smile faded. "Well, then. Shall we go swimming?"

October 2008

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