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Sharpay & Ryan

xxmyfearsmylies in allthatrubbish


So, we all know the infamous Phoenix Wright Kink Meme. Epic-ness ensued. But what about our crack-related cravings? Our less prominent pairings? What about such nutty needs disguised as annoying alliterations?

Well, that's just what I was thinking.


The Phoenix Wright Crack Meme!!!1!!1!1111onEONEOne!!!

Which Means:

You must anonymously post one CRACK[*] pairing and one prompt [anything from "candles" to "ripped bags of coffee beans spilling out over Ron DeLite's head".]

To fill a request out, reply to the comment of the selected prompt also anonymously with your interpretation of the preposterous pairing and prompt!

All rating, length, and genres are acceptable!

For Reelz Rules

◊ [*]Crack pairings only. This means no canon or mainstream pairings. So, as much as we love a good old Miles/Phoenix, Franziska/Adrian, or heck, even a Ron/Dessie, this is to let our crack-ish creative juices flow.

◊ Make sure you're posting anonymously!

◊ If someone's already filled out a request that really inspires you, feel free to fill it out also!

◊ Keep the drama out of here. All we want here are pairings, prompts, filled out requests, and the occasional "OMFG SQUEE YOU ROCK <33333 HART HART LULZ". We want none of that "U SAWK. THAT PAIRING IS DERANGED. GO DIAF". It's your fault for clicking.

◊ If you request, try filling one out for lulz! It's like if you take a little, give a little back. The spirit of the holiday season! 8D

EDIT: Thanks to aprilechidna5, we now have a crack meme archive! :D Over here!



Pearl Fey/Cody Hackins

Prompt: Cosplay


The Heroic Samurai

Pearl had never seen so many people moving around so excitedly before. This place was even more crowded than the circus and courthouse combined! And somewhere hidden among the throngs of people, was Mystic Maya. Somewhere. But Pearl didn't know where. The last thing she heard Mystic Maya say was something about "gold-plated limited edition holofoil", and Pearl didn't even know what half those words meant!

Pearl couldn't help the tears brimming over in her eyes. She wandered the floor of the convention, getting jostled roughly by people either too tall or too busy to notice her. The quaint kimono she had so lovingly helped Mystic Maya sew together was getting wrinkled and uneven. She couldn't stand it anymore. Her eyes shut tight and her mouth open wide, she started to bawl. She couldn't help it.


She hiccupped and stared wide-eyed at a tiny Nickel Samurai, not much taller than her. His mask was pulled back over the top of his head, an expensive digital camera dangled around his neck, and he was holding a Samurai Dog instead of a Samurai Spear, but she at least recognized that he was the Nickel Samurai.

"W-W-Watch where you're goin'!" the Nickel Samurai told her.

Pearl's eyes filled with tears again and her lip quivered. The Nickel Samurai did a double-take. "Ack! S-S-Sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry!"

Pearl just sobbed.

The Nickel Samurai gawked. This loudly crying girl was the last thing he'd expected to see here today, but... He scratched his head. Obviously, she needed the help of a great defender of justice such as himself!

"Uh. You're supposed to be Miss Sayo, the tea lady, right?" he asked.

Pearl sniffled and nodded. Mystic Maya had been very clear about that much. Pearl didn't really understand it but had sworn to at least memorize the name of the character she was dressed up as.

"I-I'm the Nickel Samurai!!" the Nickel Samurai announced, "I swear I'll protect you with my life, Miss Sayo!!!"

Pearl stared wide-eyed. That's right...Wasn't Miss Sayo the Nickel Samurai's Special Someone...?

She wiped her tears away and sniffled. "Y-You will...?"

"Of course! For great justice!!"

For the first time since being separated from Mystic Maya, Pearl smiled. "Th-Thank you... Nickel Samurai!!"

The Nickel Samurai wiped the grease off his free hand and extended it. Pearl shyly accepted it. The Nickel Samurai grinned and Miss Sayo blushed.

Meanwhile, the Pink Princess was stalking a certain Steel Samurai. He'd gotten to the gold-plated limited edition holofoil before she had, and he was going to pay!!


Re: The Heroic Samurai

That was like the most adorable thing ever. :D

October 2008

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